2018 Grant Application

Click Here to the Download 2018 Grant Application Form (PDF)

Grant Deadline: March 31, 2018

The PRRCF annually convenes meetings that provide a grant-making forum to consider community priorities and action around emerging and existing community needs and how best to meet them. The grant-making fields of consideration are the relief of poverty, educational needs, social welfare, and health issues, programs for aged, programs for the disabled, preservation and protection of environment, advancement of the arts, prevention of delinquency and prevention of substance abuse. The PRRCF will only consider grant applications to fund the acquisition or repair of fixed or tangible assets and cannot consider requests to fund ongoing programs or general operating expenses. To better understand this criteria, please review the following list of PRRCF/LEAD Grant Awards made since 2003.

The PRRCF/LEAD Grant Program has awarded over $53,176.05 to non-profit organizations and projects in the past seven years. Any non-profit organization or project is encouraged to apply during the annual grant cycle.

Grant recipients for 2013:

  • Pr Rupert Curling Club
  • Performing Arts Center
  • Pr Rupert Music Society

Grant recipients for 2012:

  • Museum of Northern BC
  • Special Events Society
  • Performing Arts Center
  • Hospice Society
  • Dragon Boat society
  • Arts Council

Grant recipients for 2011:

  • Port Edward Historical Society
  • Pr Rupert Special
  • Pr Rupert Archives
  • Lester Center
  • Museum of Northern BC

Grant recipients for 2010:

  • Prince Rupert Public Library
  • Prince Rupert Performance Arts Center
  • Museum of Northern BC
  • Seniors Center Association
  • Pineridge School PAC

Grant recipients for 2009:

  • Prince Rupert Public Library
  • Prince Rupert and District Hospice Society 2009
  • Prince Rupert SPCA
  • Loyal order of the Moose
  • Kaien Anti Poverty Society
  • Prince Rupert Swim Club
  • Dodge Cove Recreational Society

Grant recipients for 2008:

  • Prince Rupert Seniors Centre Association
  • Prince Rupert City & Regional Archives
  • Lester Centre of the Performing Arts
  • Dodge Cove Recreation Society
  • Roosevelt Park Community School

PRRCF LEAD Grants awarded in 2007:

  • Laskeek Bay Conservation Society
  • Prince Rupert Band Parents Association
  • Prince Rupert Fire Museum
  • Breast Cancer Support Group
  • British Columbia SPCA
  • Museum of Northern British Columbia
  • Roosevelt Park Community School
  • Northwest Community Assets & PRSOS
  • Friendship House
  • Big Brothers & Sisters Association
  • Harbour Theatre
  • Prince Rupert Special Events Society
  • Northcoast Transition House
  • Tidepool Discovery Natural History Society
  • Prince Rupert Public Library
  • Prince Rupert Arts Council
  • Friendship House
  • Port Clements Elementary School
  • Kaien Island Alternate School
  • Kaien Island Antipoverty Society

PRRCF LEAD Grants awarded in 2006:

  • Prince Rupert SPCA
  • PR Breast Cancer Support Group
  • Friendship House/NWCC Good Food Box Program
  • Museum of Northern BC
  • Roosevelt Park Community School
  • Prince Rupert Public Library
  • Prince Rupert Community Arts Council
  • Prince Rupert Special Events Society
  • Kaien Alternate School

PRRCF LEAD Grants awarded in 2005:

  • Prince Rupert Special Events
  • Rainbow Warriors Dragon Boat Team

PRRCF LEAD Grants awarded in 2004:

  • North Pacific Historic Fishing Village
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • Museum of Northern BC
  • St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
  • Captain Cook Sea Cadet Core

PRRCF LEAD Grants awarded in 2003:

  • Wildlife Rehab Shelter
  • Harbour Theater: Udder Festival
  • Museum of Northern BC
  • Prince Rupert Special Events Society