Roosevelt Park Community School - Outdoor Education Program

Peter Loy (Outdoor Education Coordinator) of Roosevelt Park Community School and four of his students paid a visit to the PRRCF office.

Each student, Brandon, Thomas, Alex and Kale gave their introductions and thank you speeches for the monies received from PRRCF - LEAD Grant 2006 for the school's Outdoor Education Program. Funds went towards 10 pairs of snowshoes, in addition to other items of need for their Winter Program.

PRRCF staff were quite impressed with these courageous young representatives of the Roosevelt School. It was so nice to be able to hear and see the appreciation that this LEAD grant has provided. Certainly puts a smile upon our faces and in our hearts to know that this funding, has a made a bit of a difference in the lives of these students and others taking part in the Roosevelt Outdoor Education Program.

Many thanks to Peter Loy and his students for their thank you card and pictures provided. We're ecstatic to be a part of your success in this program.

Keep on, keeping on! Good work Peter, all the best to you in future endeavors!